The Summer Journey
THB 3,200++
Snack and Street Food
Tom Klong Soup, Grilled Lobster Head, Ginger, Lime and Prawn Cracker Aioli
Thai Ceviche with Halibut Passionfruit, Tangerine
Squid, Green Asparagus, Egg Yolk and Holy Basil
Larb Duck Salad with Foie Gras, Mint
Seabass with White Five Spices, Fennel
Scallop in Green Curry with Beetroot
Flowers of Thailand “Vers Yves Klein”
Leaves of Thailand's Pandan -- Tea -- Kaffir Lime
Price is subject to 10% service charge and 7% government tax
Leaves of Thailand’s Tea - Pandan - Kaffir Lime
Thai Ceviche with Halibut, PassionFruit, Tangerine