by Kiin Kiin
Head Chef Chayawee invites guests to enjoy an extraordinary culinary performance as he choreographs, with his team, an amazing array of basic Thai ingredients taken from original recipes to create modern interpretations in daring combinations. The familiar flavours of traditional Thai dishes are well maintained in every exquisitely composed food presentation, prepared using global cooking techniques.

The cuisine at Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin is widely recognised as ‘modern gastronomy at its best’ – making it very different from home-style cooking. Diners may experience a curry served with the texture and temperature of ice-cream and bites of lobster locked inside gelatinous pearls that melt in the mouth with a sip of Tom Yam broth. Everything from fish sauce to prawn crackers is made in the Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin kitchen.

The 8-course set dinner menu is priced at THB 3,400++. The a la carte menu reflects the creative genius of Chef Chayawee and the inspirational teachings of Chef Henrik Yde-Andersen whose Kiin Kiin restaurant in Copenhagen has been recognised by Michelin for many years.
Chef Henrik
Chef Henrik Yde-Andersen, a Danish national, discovered the power and authenticity of Thai cuisine during a visit to the 'land of smiles' in the year 2000. His love for Thailand, its culture and gastronomic heritage was so great that he remained here for three years, learning day by day about the variety and richness of local cuisine in the country's many diverse regions.

Upon returning Denmark, Henrik teamed up with Lertchai Treetawatchaiwong, a Thai entrepreneur and hobby chef, to establish Kiin Kiin - a Thai restaurant 'with a twist'. The restaurant opened in Copenhagen in 2006 and, just two years later, Kiin Kiin was awarded a one star rating by Michelin star.  It has retained this ranking in each subsequent year.

It was a chance meeting in Bangkok between Henrik Yde-Andersen and members of the hotel's pre-opening team that were sampling his cuisine that led to the opening of Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin. Since that first meeting, Chef Henrik has continued to provide inspiration and leadership to the Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin culinary team, led able and expertly by Chef Chayawee Sutcharitchan.  They join together in inviting you to enjoy a truly extraordinary culinary performance that engages all the senses.